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"The true star of this production, however, just has to be Sarah Van Deusen as Rachel, Garret’s college student neighbor who elects herself as his summer intern...Van Deusen is absolutely perfect with her dead pan performance, and here’s hoping we see a lot more of her on Barter stages."
-Robert Mckinney, Bristol Herald Courier (The Lemonade Stand)

"Nicholas Piper is superb as the self-possessed and cool-under-fire Garret. Sarah Van Deusen is endearing as the nerdy girl-next-door Rachel who ultimately serves as his savior. Both are a perfect fit for this dialogue lush with acerbic wit, serving it up with deadpan ease that delightfully enriches the comedy."

-Bonnie Gable (The Lemonade Stand)

"Barter newcomers, Sarah Van Deusen and Katherine Lyle, really make this show sparkle"
-Robert Mckinney, Bristol Herald Courier (Ghost, Ghost Come Out Tonight)

​"Balancing seven characters while staying in the same costume is not easy, but Van Deusen's talent makes it seem that way. With a blink of her eyes or a purposeful turn, her character completely changes: different voice, different emotions and a new personality...I've never seen a one-actor show before, but with a strong performance like this, I'll be on the look-out for more."

-Elizabeth Doll, The Torch (The Amish Project)

​​​"Van Deusen cleverly switched from role to role, showcasing each passion, pain and perturbed disposition each had to offer from their interactions."
-Jess Hamm, The Torch (Stones In His Pockets)

​"Sarah Van Deusen (Catherine Petkoff) and Carl Burgason (Captain Bluntschli), and senior Annie Page (Louka) were phenomenal in their respective roles. Van Deusen’s maternal aspects were spot on, and her acting, alongside Burgason’s, were some of the best performances I’ve seen on the Wittenberg stage."
-Jess Hamm, The Torch (Arms and the Man)


Sarah Van Deusen

Sarah is honored to serve as the Associate Director for the Barter Players, a company dedicated to bringing the best and bravest theatre to young people in Appalachia. She acts with Barter Theatre's acclaimed Resident Company, directs imaginative productions for The Barter Players, serves as a tour coordinator, among many other things. Read about Sarah's latest adventures on the News page!


​​Born and raised in Chattanooga, Tennessee, Sarah was first inspired to perform at the young age of three when she saw her first play, A Midsummer Night's Dream, and she has embraced the stage ever since. From her debut role as Lobster #3 in her preschool's production of The Rainbow Fish to her recent performances with The Barter Theatre, Sarah has relished the opportunity to serve audiences. Sarah graduated cum laude from Wittenberg University in Springfield, Ohio with degrees in both Theatre and English.